Monday, February 1, 2010

Solar Research NGO

Solar Research NGO Project is completely a welfare project. It is for the welfare of whole nation of our dear coutnry Pakistan. We are trying to design,devlop and research to transfer the fuel & battery system onto Solar Energy System. It is going to be a big challenge to do all these things within Pakistan. But we are confident and believe over ourselves and our expertise and mainly Allah, so in the end, this will be done INSHALLAH. We want to thank the people who are co-operating with us for this purpose and helping us.

Objectives of Solar Research NGO

Promote Solar Energy in Pakistan.
Developing Environment Health.
Transfering Private & Public Transport onto Solar Energy, So that it'll be very cheap and people will get great relief in their lives.
Removing Poverty, Poor people will also afford to go any where in the country without paying much.
Improving business of every citizen of the country, when transportation will be cheap and loadshading will be UNAVAILABLE!
More employment opportunities will be created.
Polution free Pakistan.

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