Monday, April 12, 2010

How can I install my system with no upfront costs?

ZERO UP FRONT COSTS. Let us show you how you can install a solar energy system with zero up front costs and significant savings on your energy bill. We can offer you an option of financing the system with a Home Depot Home Improvement Loan. Once qualified, this will allow you to pay for the system costs with a Home Depot Home Improvement Loan, which, at present offers 0% financing for 6 months! Which would allow you to install a solar electric system with no money down and no payment for 6 months.

If you purchase a 3kW system from Solar Cell Sales at the retail costs of $27,000.00 ( system prices may vary), including installation costs. Our company would collect the rebate and you would pay the balance after rebate. Reducing the price of the system to you to around $21,000.00. Additionally, you would collect the $2,000.00 Federal Tax Credit, offered at the present time, further reducing the cost of the system. So, for approximately $19,000.00 you can install a 3 kW solar energy system on your home. Solar energy is considered a home improvement, although your property tax is not increased as a result of this installation, but it can bring the appraisal rate up by about 15%.

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