Sunday, May 2, 2010

What hinders solar energy?

ACCORDING to Director General, Board of Investment a solar energy policy would soon be announced hoping that it would open doors for huge investment and lucrative returns in the country. Addressing the office-bearers of the Korangi Association of Trade and Industry he said investors would be encouraged to invest in solar energy plants up to 10 megawatts under the new policy.

The statement of the official indicates that at long last the Government has realised the potential of the solar energy and steps are being contemplated for development and application of this endless source of energy. Pakistan these days is not only facing energy shortage but also the rates of electricity are soaring every now and then making it extremely difficult for a common citizen to pay off monthly electricity bills. As there seems to be no respite in foreseeable future the problems of the consumers can be mitigated by resorting to other methods of generating electricity, solar being one of them. Most of the countries are doing it successfully for decades and their population is benefiting through the use of this free and environment friendly resource. In Pakistan too, some villages have been electrified through solar energy and their inhabitants are not only getting light but also powering fans. Similarly, some companies have introduced solar heaters and geysers but all these experiments are limited to pilot stages and no worthwhile plan has so far been initiated to take advantage of this massive source of energy on the commercial scale. This is despite the fact that we have an Alternative Energy Development Board and a number of countries and companies are keen to invest in the field. We would, therefore, urge the Government not to indulge in rhetoric and take practical measures for development of solar technology in the country, which can help overcome our energy woes to a great extent. Solar power can take care of household energy requirements and the energy so saved could be used for commercial and industrial purposes.

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