Sunday, July 18, 2010

Green Hotels Use Solar Hot Water

More and more commercial operations are turning to renewable energy to green their practices to both save money and the environment. In fact, green hotels use solar hot water to significantly defray operating costs and energy usage.
We’ve written about solar hot water systems incorporated into breweries and dairies – both of which have high hot water demands. It shouldn’t be surprising that hotels and resorts that turn to solar hot water can really cut down on energy demands.
Consider that one of the largest components of hotel operating costs is hot water. Not only is it used by guests to take showers and shave, but significant amounts are demanded each and every day to wash towels and other linens, clean guest rooms and more.

Instead of relying on electricity, natural gas or oil, green hotels can now use solar hot water to maintain profit margins and avoid passing on energy cost increases to their guests. In fact, many properties can expect to save thousands of dollars each year as a result of installing solar hot water.
One company, SunMaxx, has a super solar hot water system for both residential and commercial use. In fact, they can help you develop a solar system to meet the needs of a hotel or resort, including pool and spa heating.
According to its website, a SunMaxx Solar Hot Water System can be used for:
Domestic Hot Water (laundry, cleaning, showers)
Solar Radiant Space Heating
In floor radiant heating
Baseboard radiant heating
Forced hot air heating
Solar Central Cooling / AC Systems
Solar Pool & Spa Heating
Snow / Ice Melting Applications
Parking Lots
Common Public Location