Saturday, December 11, 2010

There Are Advantages Of Nuclear Energy As There Are Challenges

Are advantages of nuclear energy such that it could be part of the solution to global warming? Or is nuclear radiation an even greater problem?

The debate about whether to build nuclear energy reactors is again in full swing. It is necessary, as we become more aware about the magnitude of the climate change through the global warming phenomenon.

So identifying significant advantages of nuclear energy would be important.
Most scientists agree that we are seeing the effects of global warming already and that the imminent future looks dire. We must reduce the emissions that cause global warming. Therefore alternative energy must be employed.

Green Jobs Board

Green jobs are booming. In the USA, and elsewhere.

The environmental/economic pincer movement on Mother Earth and your wallet has prodded governments to spend billions to stimulate economies, including through green collar jobs in energy saving and renewable energy.

Water Fuel – Beats Soaring Gas Prices

Water4gas, HHO gas, Brown's gas, hydrogen gas generators,water fuel... You've probably heard these terms and you may have groaned. Scepticism is healthy thing. And there is indeed some hype out there.

But when you look at the hydrogen generation thing closer I agree that it has real application and is a valuable kind of "people-power technology." It seems you really can bypass the big car companies!

* What is hydrogen gas
* How much can you save with water fuel?
* How does a hydrogen gas generator help your car increase it's mileage
* Safe?
* Other applications and benefits

Provision of Solar Energy

The demand of Energy has increased tremendously during the last few decades in Pakistan, the same is expected to increase further in the coming years. Solar Energy is the possible clean and low cost renewable resources available in the country. The use of such naturally available in the country. The use of such naturally available energy resources can suitably be utilized in the remote areas of FATA where the supply and maintenance of electric supply from national grid is very expensive.
The scattered and distantly located villages of FATA are either deprived of electricity or the power supply available is uncertain and with fluctuating/low voltage. Like other part of country, the exploitation of alternate energy resources also carries primary importance in FATA. Due to this reason the Governor NWFP also asked at several occasion to initiate studies for feasibility of alternate energy resources and provide solar energy units in FATA.
This, being a specialized filed, needs detail feasibility study to determine the intensity of available solar energy in various parts of FATA, which is being carried out under another ADP scheme.
The finding and recommendations of the studies, conducted by NUST Consulting, the project PC-Is (Phase-1) was prepared and got approval from FATADA BoD.

What Is Solar Energy?

If we can leave behind the public wave of denial in the reality of climate change and global warming, as caused by us, people, solar will be increasingly important in future lives as a clean, renewable energy.
Energy from the sun is present in fossil fuels, stored in fossilised plant remains that once grew and absorbed the sun’s energy through photosynthesis.

It is also directly experienced in the warmth of the sun and in its light.

The history of solar energy is a long one indeed. Defining solar energy may be simple but there is not just one answer to the question: what is solar energy? Generally solar energy is divided into two types: thermal energy and electric energy.

In summary, what is solar energy? It is

1. Energy from the sun

2. Thermal energy

3. Electric energy

4. Stand-alone

5. Grid connected