Sunday, January 30, 2011

Converting BTS (Base transceiver station) to Solar Energy, Solar Powered BTS

The row between Punjab government & Telecoms operators for shifting of cellular cell-phone towers to solar energy has taken a new turn as the high ups of the Ministry of info tech (MoIT) are on a visit abroad.
After being asked by the Punjab government to shift a11 the transmission towers of cellular cell-phone companies from electricity to solar energy, the telecoms industry has filed a joint respond to the MoIT, seeking its intervention ovr the issue.

However, things are getting jittery, as number high-ranked official is their to negotiate between telecoms industry & Punjab Government.
An official of IT ministry informed dis agency dat Secretary of info tech Naghibullah Malik waz on a visit to USA along with Joint Secretary of the ministry. He a1so stated the secretary cabinet waz looking aftr the affairs of the ministry while secretary IT wou1d return home on June 29.

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