Saturday, April 16, 2011

Applications and its work

Storing the energy generated from heat and light makes these PV cells work more reliable. They save the power and then reused when needed. These PV cells are used in switches, telephones, television and almost every electric equipment. A physical process called the photovoltaic effect is actually the change of the energy from sun-light into electrical potential energy by a photo voltaic cell(solar cell). Photovoltaic cells are used to in situations where they are more profitable than other power generation methods. Sometimes, they are used as photo detectors.

The photovoltaic cells store the heat and light which comes from the sun and make it useable in place of electricity. These PV cells can also be used in street light as they save all the energy in day light and then make it workable in night for longer period and the major character tics of this PV cells is that it stores the energy and then make it reuse as an alternative of electricity. Another method is used to increase the amount of electricity which is being generated by PV cells is that the huge amount of silicon layers are combined together from what the are called PV arrays. These PV arrays are mostly used to power the electric equipment in homes and offices. They are very much useful in supplying power or electricity to the remote places where there is no source of generating electric powers. The PV cells are useful because it stores all the power which comes from sun in form of heat and light and then this power is saves in these cells and then it used in night and cloudy whether because at night there is no sun light and in cloudy whether the sun light is dim, but these PV cells have the quality to save that power so that it can used be used in contingency. The PV cells are different from these cells because the PV cells have more storing and long live capacity on the other hand the disposable cells have shorter life and they don’t have long storage capacity.

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