Saturday, April 16, 2011

Solar energy for industry

Sunlight is a clean, economical and safer alternate source to fossil fuel and batteries. It is a free and inexhaustible fuel source. It reduces electricity costs, as well as the number of batteries used into landfills. As it is environment friendly so many industries prefer solar energy as compared to fossil fuel.

Solar Power
Solar power has been used by industries for a long time but its demand increased in 1970 when the governments and industries were forced to use other sources of energy than oil. After research photovoltaic cells came into existed and solar energy took place of fossil fuel.

Solar energy platform in industries.
It is an open area of space with a large number of great big magnifying mirrors pointing towards the sun. These systems concentrate sun rays to a surface and heat the fluid that flows from one location to another through the common pipeline on which they are focused. This type of arrangement heats oil that is in the pipes which is then used to heat water to create steam. Oil is used because it can maintain heat and the steam obtained are used to drive the generators to get electricity.
Such an arrangement will be able to heat oil that is coming through pipes which will then be used to heat up water that will create steam. Oil is commonly employed as it can by character preserve the heat very well and at last the steam manufactured may be used to run generators to get electrical energy. Pressure which is involved in heating up the liquid can also be used to run many machines. The heat can increase the size of the fluid against the pistons of the motor which results in mechanical power. This power can be used to run generators which will then provide electricity.

Advantages of solar energy

• Reduced energy budget
As the energy is being used from a natural source it reduces the budget of a company.

• Reduced CO2 emissions
Solar source of energy is environment friendly there is no carbon emissions caused during the conversion of solar energy.

• Greater energy independence

• The solar energy is abundantly available on earth and it can be used for many years for the generation of energy.

• Solar power plants can be connected to the big existing present power sources to create a hybrid power system for energy formation in dry summer days.

• Solar power panels are long-lasting and do not need much repairs. Usually life time of solar power panels is up to 20 to 25 years, which give good reason for the initial cost of solar panel.

• Solar power supply systems are not at all noisy, they are soundless and efficient in their working hence protects pollution. ,.

• Solar panels are capable of linking with other type electric generators for e.g. gas turbines, wind, hydro etc. Batteries can also be charges for constant electricity supply.

• It will minimize amount of carbon-monoxide, greenhouse gasses and other pollution released into air. The more electricity from solar panels is used the more it is beneficial for environment to reduce pollution from our atmosphere.

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