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Solar energy is the energy that comes from the sun. Every day the sun gives an enormous amount of energy to the earth. The sun emits amount of energy in one second more than people have used from the
beginning of life on earth.

The solar energy use has been increasing day by day automatically it is causing an increase in the jobs related to solar energy and a large number of labors source is needed in this newly born field. By using fossil fuel as an energy source a lot of air and water pollution is caused. So in order to avoid air and water pollution the companies as well as home investors prefer solar energy.

Solar energy is converted either into thermal energy or electricity.

• Solar thermal energy
It is used to heat different structures such as homes, buildings, greenhouses and pools.

• Electricity
Solar energy can be changed into electricity by of two methods
• By using solar cells to change sunlight into electricity
• By a solar power plant that uses solar thermal collectors to create steam that is further used to run generators.

Solar Energy Education

Most of the professionals who work in solar energy industries obtain qualifications in the related fields (sciences, engineering or business disciplines. No specific qualifications are needed for getting a job in solar energy industry. That is why training is provided by the employer. But the qualifications are preferred comparatively between the employees. The previous experience jobs are also considered.
For entering into a solar power industry a student can have an educational background from engineering, branch of earth science or a technical field. Many universities are now developing solar power programs in their respective renewable energy departments. As the solar power industry is flourishing its causing an increase in number of students opting solar power studies.

Solar power careers
It is a type of industry in which an individual can enter only if he has high school education as an installer and can work hard to reach unto the level of a technician. So the higher level positions (engineers, managers) require educational backgrounds in the subjects of engineering, physics, the earth sciences or management.

Solar Power Project Manager
The job of a project manager is to act as the overseer of the solar power site. Experience in all aspects of solar power operations is required for this job. This post requires advanced degree but bachelor’s degree in physics, engineering, field of earth science, and experience in industry is also accepted.

Solar Power Engineers
A solar power engineer has to design and develop solar energy systems on a solar power farm. Solar engineers play an important role in solar power operations, system development, troubleshooting, and research and management duties. Engineers must be certified and licensed.The solar engineers should have engineering degree or an educational background in physics. Preferrence is given to employers on the basis of previous job experience

Solar Technicians
The work of solar technicians is to examine and inspect solar systems. Technicians have to install solar systems, do service and repair duties. In this category experience is preferred as compared to education. The technicians have to spend 2 or 3 years as installers to gain experience after that they are being promoted.

Solar Installers
The job of a solar installer is to do the electrical wiring and mounting of the system. Here also experience in wiring, residential electrical installation, construction is more important than education. Solar installers are usually paid on the hourly basis ranging from 14-20 hours a day which depends on experience and location.

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