Saturday, April 16, 2011

Solar panel mounting

Solar Panel Mounting Fossil fuel is the biggest source of energy being used from many decades that is the reason it has become short many people are beginning to look for alternative sources for energy. At first they have looked on coal because our earth is full of coal reserves and they are not used that much but at last after research they have find out although coal can be main source of energy but it have many side effects in which the main one is pollution and it can cause damage to ozone layer. Then on second option they have found out that’ solar energy means sun light can be utilized in alternate to fuel based energy production. Sun is the greatest source of fuel for mankind .Solar energy is the best way for solving the planet’s energy crises. A person can make its own photo voltaic cells called solar panels. The ones which a person can make in home cannot be as powerful as those which are made from silicon. But they work on the same principals.

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