Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Make Solar Light For Your Bike

As everyone knows that solar lights have great use in the industry. People use them in a variety of applications to fulfill their needs in a cost effective way. Lets talk about bike lights. They are definitely used for the safety of riders and provide additional lights at night. As you know that some older bike lights use a small generator to power them. In this system, the intensity of light depends on the current speed of the bike which is a problem. Therefore, to resolve this problem, solar lights are used. Lets make solar bike light for your bike.

First of all, to the back side of the bike, safe the battery with the help of a bike cargo carrier. Then join these units to the back of the bike exact the place of bike light (normally over the back tire). Remember that the battery should be closed to the bike as much as possible. After that, take a 12 volt bike light and join it to the front of the bike according to the manufacturer's instructions. Perform the functions of bike light wires and tie wraps to hold the wires in accurate position. Then connect a 12 volt switch to the handle bars.

Attach the positive wire directly to the positive terminal of the battery. Same as join the negative wire of the bike light to first light switch. Then connect the second light switch terminal directly to the negative terminal of the battery with the help of black electrical wire. Fix the solar panel on the back of the battery, so that the main side of solar panel is towards the sun. The size of solar panel should be at most 12×12 inches. Broaden the red solar panel wire to the battery and join it to the positive terminal. Now expand the black negative solar panel wire over the negative terminal of the battery and secure it.

Recondition Your Solar Panels

If the solar panels get so old then people think about to buy and install new. But in today’s world, you can reconditioned your old panels because it has become more cheaper than installing a new one. But for this purpose, you have to be very careful while you are performing the recondition process. Because it is very subtile method and every small mistake can make your panel useless. So while refurbishing your solar pane, be very careful. Let’s start the reconditioning process.

First, try to find out that what type of system you are getting. If your system is new then you should use a polycarbonate or twin-wall carbonate for refurnishing it. But if you have older panels then consider to use a sheet of glass. After that, cut and remove the discolored covering on the transparent side of your panel. Use a pocket knife for that purpose. If the coverings are hard then remove it with the help of a flat-head screwdriver. Observe the surface of the cells. If it has obvious damage such as cuts, breaks or dents then replace these cells. Check and make sure that all the circuit connection are not loose or corroded. If so then repair it.

Start to spray insulation in the bottom as well as back of the panel’s casing. For this purpose, select such insulation which has high-density and at least R-7 grade/inch. Use a barbecue paint to paint it. For high temperature, a flat-black engine paint is the best option. After that, take a fresh glass sheet or a carbonate sheet and insert it in place of old transparent covering as a replacement. Then seal your panels with contractor-grade silicone. The purpose is to keep condensation out. Now, reconditioning of your solar panel panel is completed.

Top Reasons To Buy Solar Lights

As you know that solar lights have great use in the industry. The basic reason is that they are always cost effective as well as reliable for a long time. So progressive countries always rely on solar lights to fulfill their energy needs. Specially in generating electricity, they are great resource. Now, they are becoming the part of human’s life. From your home till large electricity projects, solar lights are everywhere now. Here are the given top reasons that why people prefer to buy solar lights for their different uses.

First of all, solar lights help to reduce carbon dioxide gas. Also, they are simple and easy to install almost anywhere like home, lawn, gardens, patio, gazebos, fences, walls, driveways, etc. They are charged from sun at the day time without any cost and spending electricity. If you full time charge them in the sunlight then they can last up to six hours which are enough for the needs of a single day. You can not only fix them but also change their positions anytime you want. From solar lights, you can charge your windows even their blinds too.

Solar lights designed for specific purposes such as runways and driveways, don’t need any wiring, cabling or placement issues. One more important benefit is that solar lights have very little or sometimes no need of repairing or maintenance. Minimum life of solar lights are till 1 year. They are used at any place where sunlight is available. Mostly, they are ideal for outdoor purpose such as occasions, festivals, camping, etc. Solar street lights are also made to keep the environment clean and free from any type of negative and harmful rays of electricity as well as sun.

Solar Security Lights – Best To Keep Your Place Safe

Do you have a plan to insert outdoor solar lights outside your home? Think that if they can safe your home then how will be it? Definitely you can use solar security lights for security purpose. People normally think that there is no difference between solar flood lights and solar security lights but they are different. So first we have to clear our concept about the difference between these two. The solar flood light remains work as long as it is turned on. While, a solar security light is a kind of flood light but it has a passive infrared sensor that detects movement. This light is turned on only when the sensor activates it. This activation is usually remains on for only one minute. But some other models of this light are also available in the market whose activation time is till upto 10 minutes.

So this is a very important feature for security purpose that light is turned on automatically when it is activated by the sensor. You can charge its battery at the day time. Although, it is turned on anytime when activated but in spite of this, it is not get dim. Normally, solar security lights are designed with a small solar panel which is connected by a wire to that light. Solar security lights are available in the market with different lengths of wire but the ideal length you have to choose is 15 feet (atleast). Due to this ideal length, you have a big flexibility of inserting your light where ever you want.

Not only for home, solar security lights can also be used to make any place secure which you want. But one thing you have to remember that insert them in such places where it can absorb proper sun light. Otherwise you will not avail benefit completely from that lights. Solar security lights are a viable option for the security purpose of different places. The major advantage of these lights is that they still works during a power interruption. Also, one more thing keep in your mind, the intensity of light. If you want these lights more brighter, try to buy halogen bulb models. But also try the LED models as well because they can also provide you a good brightness of light.

Centrosolar Launched S-Series Solar Panels

One of the most reputed organization in solar industry of the world Centrosolar introduced S-series solar panels. The Canadian subsidiary of Centrosolar launched this solar panel. It is basically a photovoltaic module which has come in the market to sell for everyone. It is designed in Germany and manufactured in Ontario. It is made for the use of both residential and commercial purposes. The CEO of Centrosolar Canad Mr. Deep Chakraborty said that we are very excited to introduce our first solar PV panel which is Canada based. This will allow us to meet the rapid and growing demand for solar energy in Ontario Feed-in-Tar.iff program.

The S-series solar module can frequently work in both sunny and cloudy weather. It is specially designed by analyzing the weather conditions of Canada that contains snow, hail, high level winds and extreme temperatures. It contain a chemical resistant as well as a flame retardant back sheet. This photovoltaic module has 60 polycrystalline silicon cells which have very high efficiency. Its standout feature has high load rating which is up to 5400 Pa. This rating is measured by the IEC 61215 advanced testing.

The S-Series solar panel is available in the market with MC-4 snap connectors standard. It gives a positive power tolerance rate of 0 – 4.99 W, which converts it into more power out of 235 W. The Centrosolar has the “all in one-box” solar system in the world. It provides Canadian installers all the components that are used in installing solar panels. Either they are used for domestic or commercial purpose, their results and feedback which is coming from the market is very positive and satisfactory. In the upcoming days, it will boost the solar energy industry.

Solar exterior wall lights

Solar exterior wall lights are manufactured in utility appearance as well as in a decorative style. Due to their unlimited benefits, home and business owners install them outside their properties. They are designed in a wide range of different creative shapes, materials and finishes. They are very easily to install by any person who is familiar with the use of a screwdriver. There is no need to call a professional electrician to install them. In conclusion, we can that the use of solar exterior wall lights is a great way to save money and electricity which will cause to save the planet.

Solar lights

Solar lights are widely used in different applications. They are very reliable due to their healthy effect, low consumption power and cheap cost. One of the most beneficial applications of solar lights is solar exterior wall lights. These lights are used on the outside walls of your home. They are fixed in the form of bulb at the outside corner of the walls. They provide a bright and beautiful view to the outer structure of your home at night. Basically solar exterior wall lights have many options in the bulb configuration which you can use. But your source of light is single then dual bulbs are required.

In solar exterior wall lights, the light source is LED bulbs because their brightness if so clear and same as any type of fluorescent bulbs. These lights have a long life and also they don’t create heat. That’s why you can easily them in different areas without any worry, damage and fear. Actually the majority of these lights have a range of sensors. It means that they can be fixed with onboard timers, different sensors as well as motion sensors too. These qualities become solar exterior wall lights the best solution for safety and security in the home as well as business environments.

Amorphous Silicon Solar Cells

The efficiency of amorphous solar cells is typically between 6 and 8%. The Lifetime of amorphous cells is shorter than the lifetime of crystalline cells. Amorphous cells have current density of up to 15 mA/cm2, and the voltage of the cell without connected load of 0.8 V, which is more compared to crystalline cells. Their spectral response reaches maximum at the wavelengths of blue light therefore, the ideal light source for amorphous solar cells is fluorescent lamp.

Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells

Among all kinds of solar cells we describe silicon solar cells only, for they are the most widely used. Their efficiency is limited due to several factors. The energy of photons decreases at higher wavelengths. The highest wavelength when the energy of photon is still big enough to produce free electrons is 1.15 μm (valid for silicon only). Radiation with higher wavelength causes only heating up of solar cell and does not produce any electrical current. Each photon can cause only production of one electron-hole pair. So even at lower wavelengths many photons do not produce any electron-hole pairs, yet they effect on increasing solar cell temperature. The highest efficiency of silicon solar cell is around 23 %, by some other semi-conductor materials up to 30 %, which is dependent on wavelength and semiconductor material. Self loses are caused by metal contacts on the upper side of a solar cell, solar cell resistance and due to solar radiation reflectance on the upper side (glass) of a solar cell. Crystalline solar cells are usually wafers, about 0.3 mm thick, sawn from Si ingot with diameter of 10 to 15 cm. They generate approximately 35 mA of current per cm2 area (together up to 2 A/cell) at voltage of 550 mV at full illumination. Lab solar cells have the efficiency of up to 20 %, and classically produced solar cells up to 15 %.

Solar Cells

Solar cells are in fact large area semiconductor diodes. Due to photo voltaic effect energy of light (energy of photons) converts into electrical current. At p-n junction, an electric field is built up which leads to the separation of the charge carriers (electrons and holes). At incidence of photon stream onto semiconductor material the electrons are released, if the energy of photons is sufficient. Contact to a solar cell is realized due to metal contacts. If the circuit is closed, meaning an electrical load is connected, then direct current flows. The energy of photons comes in "packages" which are called quants. The energy of each quantum depends on the wavelength of the visible light or electromagnetic waves. The electrons are released, however, the electric current flows only if the energy of each quantum is greater than WL - WV (boundaries of valence and conductive bands).