Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Centrosolar Launched S-Series Solar Panels

One of the most reputed organization in solar industry of the world Centrosolar introduced S-series solar panels. The Canadian subsidiary of Centrosolar launched this solar panel. It is basically a photovoltaic module which has come in the market to sell for everyone. It is designed in Germany and manufactured in Ontario. It is made for the use of both residential and commercial purposes. The CEO of Centrosolar Canad Mr. Deep Chakraborty said that we are very excited to introduce our first solar PV panel which is Canada based. This will allow us to meet the rapid and growing demand for solar energy in Ontario Feed-in-Tar.iff program.

The S-series solar module can frequently work in both sunny and cloudy weather. It is specially designed by analyzing the weather conditions of Canada that contains snow, hail, high level winds and extreme temperatures. It contain a chemical resistant as well as a flame retardant back sheet. This photovoltaic module has 60 polycrystalline silicon cells which have very high efficiency. Its standout feature has high load rating which is up to 5400 Pa. This rating is measured by the IEC 61215 advanced testing.

The S-Series solar panel is available in the market with MC-4 snap connectors standard. It gives a positive power tolerance rate of 0 – 4.99 W, which converts it into more power out of 235 W. The Centrosolar has the “all in one-box” solar system in the world. It provides Canadian installers all the components that are used in installing solar panels. Either they are used for domestic or commercial purpose, their results and feedback which is coming from the market is very positive and satisfactory. In the upcoming days, it will boost the solar energy industry.

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