Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Make Solar Light For Your Bike

As everyone knows that solar lights have great use in the industry. People use them in a variety of applications to fulfill their needs in a cost effective way. Lets talk about bike lights. They are definitely used for the safety of riders and provide additional lights at night. As you know that some older bike lights use a small generator to power them. In this system, the intensity of light depends on the current speed of the bike which is a problem. Therefore, to resolve this problem, solar lights are used. Lets make solar bike light for your bike.

First of all, to the back side of the bike, safe the battery with the help of a bike cargo carrier. Then join these units to the back of the bike exact the place of bike light (normally over the back tire). Remember that the battery should be closed to the bike as much as possible. After that, take a 12 volt bike light and join it to the front of the bike according to the manufacturer's instructions. Perform the functions of bike light wires and tie wraps to hold the wires in accurate position. Then connect a 12 volt switch to the handle bars.

Attach the positive wire directly to the positive terminal of the battery. Same as join the negative wire of the bike light to first light switch. Then connect the second light switch terminal directly to the negative terminal of the battery with the help of black electrical wire. Fix the solar panel on the back of the battery, so that the main side of solar panel is towards the sun. The size of solar panel should be at most 12×12 inches. Broaden the red solar panel wire to the battery and join it to the positive terminal. Now expand the black negative solar panel wire over the negative terminal of the battery and secure it.

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