Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Recondition Your Solar Panels

If the solar panels get so old then people think about to buy and install new. But in today’s world, you can reconditioned your old panels because it has become more cheaper than installing a new one. But for this purpose, you have to be very careful while you are performing the recondition process. Because it is very subtile method and every small mistake can make your panel useless. So while refurbishing your solar pane, be very careful. Let’s start the reconditioning process.

First, try to find out that what type of system you are getting. If your system is new then you should use a polycarbonate or twin-wall carbonate for refurnishing it. But if you have older panels then consider to use a sheet of glass. After that, cut and remove the discolored covering on the transparent side of your panel. Use a pocket knife for that purpose. If the coverings are hard then remove it with the help of a flat-head screwdriver. Observe the surface of the cells. If it has obvious damage such as cuts, breaks or dents then replace these cells. Check and make sure that all the circuit connection are not loose or corroded. If so then repair it.

Start to spray insulation in the bottom as well as back of the panel’s casing. For this purpose, select such insulation which has high-density and at least R-7 grade/inch. Use a barbecue paint to paint it. For high temperature, a flat-black engine paint is the best option. After that, take a fresh glass sheet or a carbonate sheet and insert it in place of old transparent covering as a replacement. Then seal your panels with contractor-grade silicone. The purpose is to keep condensation out. Now, reconditioning of your solar panel panel is completed.

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