Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Solar Security Lights – Best To Keep Your Place Safe

Do you have a plan to insert outdoor solar lights outside your home? Think that if they can safe your home then how will be it? Definitely you can use solar security lights for security purpose. People normally think that there is no difference between solar flood lights and solar security lights but they are different. So first we have to clear our concept about the difference between these two. The solar flood light remains work as long as it is turned on. While, a solar security light is a kind of flood light but it has a passive infrared sensor that detects movement. This light is turned on only when the sensor activates it. This activation is usually remains on for only one minute. But some other models of this light are also available in the market whose activation time is till upto 10 minutes.

So this is a very important feature for security purpose that light is turned on automatically when it is activated by the sensor. You can charge its battery at the day time. Although, it is turned on anytime when activated but in spite of this, it is not get dim. Normally, solar security lights are designed with a small solar panel which is connected by a wire to that light. Solar security lights are available in the market with different lengths of wire but the ideal length you have to choose is 15 feet (atleast). Due to this ideal length, you have a big flexibility of inserting your light where ever you want.

Not only for home, solar security lights can also be used to make any place secure which you want. But one thing you have to remember that insert them in such places where it can absorb proper sun light. Otherwise you will not avail benefit completely from that lights. Solar security lights are a viable option for the security purpose of different places. The major advantage of these lights is that they still works during a power interruption. Also, one more thing keep in your mind, the intensity of light. If you want these lights more brighter, try to buy halogen bulb models. But also try the LED models as well because they can also provide you a good brightness of light.

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