Sunday, October 16, 2011

Other Interesting Solar Energy Facts:

1.In 1447, Leonardo Da Vince predicted a future solar industrialization 2.In just one hour, every day, more Solar Energy strikes the surface of the Earth than could be used by the entire population in a full year 3.In 1990, a completely solar powered aircraft (no fuel use at all) flew more than 3000 miles across the USA 4.Fierce weather is a side-effect of global warming, and in in 1998, $130 billion dollars in damages due to weather were recorded around the world (more than the combined totals from 1980 - 1990) 5.Roughly 2 Billion people (nearly 1/3rd) of the world’s population is without electricity 6.The USA makes up 5% of the world’s population, but uses more than 26% of the world’s energy 7.In energy consumption from a single source, ovens are number one, followed by microwaves and air conditioners 8.Third world countries with abundant sunlight and no electric infrastructure are the fastest-growing market for solar energy - in developed countries, industry and utilities are the lartgest consumers 9.Shell Oil, a leading petroleum company, predicts that 50%, or more, of the world’s energy will come from renewable energy sources (including solar) by the year 2040

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