Sunday, October 16, 2011

Why we use Solar Energy ?

Solar energy is a great alternative source of power. Solar panels may be expensive but in the long run they are better for two reasons. One, they lower the electricity and heating bills. Two, they are better for people and the environment because they don’t pollute the air like the burning of fossil fuels.Let’s look at this a different way to see why you should use solar energy. Even though using solar energy can be more expensive than burning fossil fuels, it is clean and sunlight is easily available. Also, you may not realize it but lots of everyday things use solar energy. Things like lights in the yard, calculators, and even cars. The Nuna 3 is a race car made by the Dutch Nuna team. It is completely powered by solar energy.


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  2. so many answers of the question that why solar panels, The most obvious advantage of electric Solar batteries is that they don't produce the pollution
    associated with internal combustion engines.

    1. The direct conversion of light into electricity called photovoltaic (PV) effect was discovered by Antoine Cesar Bequerel in 1839. The photovoltaic technology really took off with space applications in the 1940s. The terrestrial applications started developing with the oil crisis of the 1970s, launching a real technological boost.

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