Monday, September 14, 2009

Solar PV cells convert solar energy in to electricity that is used to charge batteries to provide lights during night. Solar energy has excellent potential in Pakistan that receives high levels of solar radiation throughout the year. Solar Energy is available at a rate of 1000 watts per square meter in Pakistan. This can be converted to DC electricity with the help of Solar Photovoltaic cells, which may be used to pump water, operate fans, TV and telecommunications directly during daytime. The electrical energy generated during the day time (5-8 hours of sunshine), can also be stored in deep cycle lead acid batteries which can be used at night to provide power for lighting, radio, Television and fans. The system will be user-friendly and designed as a stand-alone system for each household, who will be trained to operate and maintain it. The user will only be required to switch on/off the system, as is done in normal home lighting systems. In addition, Solar Photovoltaic Panels can generate enough electricity to pump water from depth of 350 ft, 700 ft and up to 1000 ft.

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